Meet the A(D) Team

At Archimedes Digital, we're a dedicated team of technologist-humanists focused on reimagining the humanities space.

On any given week, we build new tools for artists, librarians, archivists, curators, archaeologists, historians, classicists, linguists, and researchers, while at the same time contributing to the open source community.

  • Brian — Lead immersive Engineer

    Like Archimedes, a great logical thinker and doer. Unlike Archimedes, never had a genius idea in a bath tub. But this may change one day.

  • Damir — Product Strategy & Innovation

    Like Leonardo da Vinci, a jack-of-all-trades that facilitates innovation. Unlike da Vinci, can’t draw a painting to save his life.

  • Daniel — Frontend Software Architect

    Like Jung, ventures into the deep crevices of the subconscious of our front-end codebase. Unlike Jung, doesn’t smoke a pipe.

  • Hao — Director of Web Services

    Like Odysseus, an engineer who packs a punch with things not seen on the surface. Unlike Odysseus, never built a trojan horse in his software career.

  • Luke — Founder and Engineer

    Like Orpheus, harmonises and leads the team towards the future. Unlike Orpheus, doesn’t play the flute.

Our Core Beliefs

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Have a witty introduction for yourself relating it back to the humanities, like the ones above? If so, then that’s the first step in becoming an Archamedian. Additionally it helps if you’ve got the skills required for one of the roles we’re hiring for:

UI Designer & Developer

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