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We bring your ideas to life in fascinating ways.

We engage with you at the stage of funding and ideation that you’re at. We provide a range of services including free technical grant writing, design, prototyping, and project development with full post-launch phases to ensure that your project is a success.

Early prototype for an AR app for the Giza Pyramids. Created in collaboration with Professor Peter Manuelian at Harvard University. More information about this particular project.

We build for mobile, web, AR and VR

We can help you reach your audience wherever they are and whichever type of device they’re using. You don’t need to understand any of the tech. We’ll guide you through the process and explain everything in human terms along the way.

A process carefully designed for maximum success.

We explore vast possibilities with fast and cost-effective de-risking. To maximise our chance of delivering a fascinating project on time and budget, we take your project through our well-crafted process.

Grant Writing

We consult with you to understand what it is that you’re trying to build and the financial feasibility of your project along with helping to steer your project in the right direction by identifying what’s possible.

Through this process, we offer free technical grant writing for all projects that have identified a funding source they’d like to apply for. We partner closely with professors, curators, archivists, and others on your team to identify core research questions and understand how to tailor them for your grant.


Once your project is ready to get under way, we go through a Google-pioneered process called a design sprint to define success metrics — which we’ll measure the project’s success on later and to prioritise your project's features together. Our designers then create a detailed design mapping out what your app will look like and how it will work. Around the same time our developers will create a tech demo testing the technical viability of our solution.

More about design sprints


After grant writing and prototyping and the completion of a design sprint, your project will be built out in iterative two week development sprints following larger milestone phases using agile development methodology.

This will include feature development, writing both unit and integration tests, quality assurance and testing, and finally, iterative releases on milestone completion. All code and design assets will be delivered on a platform of your choice.

More about our Agile build process


Your product is launched. We can assist with creating a social media campaign and other content engagement strategies to promote it to your audience, if needed.

A few weeks (sometimes months) after launch, we check for the success metrics that we identified at the start of the project, and we collectively review the project and grade its success.

More about our post-launch process

Our Offerings

Technical details about our work in web, mobile, AR, and VR.

Web Offerings

All services are deployed on Google Cloud Platform on a Kubernetes cluster with monitoring, autoscale, redundancy, and failover protection.

In creation of these services, many tools were extended from open source projects and contributed back to open source community development for digital humanities, information governance, and collections interfaces.

See examples of web projects we've worked on previously.

Digital records and collections interface

Digitally preserve and explore your physical archives using a beautiful, simple and powerful UI that includes faceted search.

Manage and publish or restrict access to all data in your archive. All images uploaded to IIIF image server and use data schemas from other open source projects or define your own, and have everything interlinked with Linked Open Data.

View an example archive


Tiny details can tell informative stories, and by using annotations, you can do just that — on the most miniscule of details.

All annotations are then shown to your audience when they view the particular items in question, giving them accurate contextual information to better understand all aspects of the text, image, or 3D environment.

360° Virtual Tours

Deliver an immersive virtual world tour of your 3D environment, available for users to experience on their laptop, or tablet, web browser.

Wordpress and React CMS Development

State of the art, seamless Wordpress and React integration that can scale as your user base does.

Where useful, integrate Wordpress with your digital collections interface.

Federated, multi-platform user account system

Creating, distributing, and verifying user authentication tokens across platforms (web, mobile, VR, and AR).

Multilanguage text server with canonical referencing system

Useful especially for highly structured texts where you need to annotate even down to a specific character in a specific word, line, paragraph, section, book, etc. and resolve ambiguities between editions.

IIIF image server with cloud integrations

Upload image files to Amazon Cloud (S3) and then serve them directly with our IIIF image server service. Also, auto generate curated IIIF manifests on the backend and store those manifests on Amazon cloud.

Data visualizations of all image content in collection

Mosaic visualizations of collections and heatmap/classification visualizations of all item records.

Data backup and archiving

Export and preserve all of your data to archival standards for future preservation and long term storage of this data with data archiving partners (GCP, Amazon, Axcelx).

Geospatial data hosting

Host a geodatabase with PostGIS and work directly from that or use shapefiles. Display all data from your PostGIS database in a web application for immersive exploration and searching.

Turnkey external services and dedicated hosting environments

We support hosting and maintaining the following services for your project: Wordpress, Drupal, Blacklight, Spotlight, Omeka, ArchivesSpace, Koha, Fedora, DSpace, Zotero, Ruby on Rails, Grails, and others on request.

Linked Open Data support

Your archive will be LOD compatible from the start, thereby future-proofing it for the LOD revolution.

Augmented Reality Offerings

We develop a range of services in Augmented Reality (AR) from on-site installations in your space to open world GPS-located AR tours among other experiences.

See examples of AR projects we've worked on previously.

AR Annotations and Translations

Manage annotations on 2D images such as photographs or paintings as well as 3D objects using our AR solution and cross-platform web and AR CMS.

Translate written text on 2D and 3D objects such as paintings and sculptures to enable users to read languages without having to print a physical copy of the full translation.

AR Architectural and Other Life-size Visualizations

Enable your audience to “look back into the past” simply by using the mobile phone that’s in their pocket.

Display architectural models and other 3D content such as historic reconstructions with artifacts and characters overlaid on top of the real world. And visualise how the site would have changed over different time periods.

AR Guided Tours

Provide a fully immersive guided tour for your audience. A wayfinding feature shows your audience around, and audio voiceover informs the user in their language of choice.

Your audience will be able to avoid crowds and instead explore the history of your location in a highly immersive, and memorable way.

AR Interactive Media in Galleries and Exhibition Spaces

Integrate an AR experience with a physical object in your exhibition so that users can see the physical object animated or made interactive with a new layer of content.

Bring your existing artefacts to life, wow your audience, and provide them greater context about the object and its history.

Virtual Reality Offerings

Create new worlds for your users to explore in virtual reality. Your users will visualize and connect with new environments like never before, and they will learn in completely new ways. We partner closely with architects and researchers to create high quality, interactive 3D environments to support both learning and exploration.

See examples of VR projects we've worked on previously.

VR Architectural Visualization and Guided Tours

Browse reconstructions and architectural visualizations of your location in a 3D simulation, with your audience being able to experience the space using a VR headset.

Offer a VR guided tour to your audience, leading them from one point of interest to another. Enrich the experience with video, audio, music for a captivating exploration of the 3D space and any architectural reconstructions.

Multi-User VR Classrooms

Your audience can be taken on a VR group tour by an instructor leading them through the experience and providing information in real time, and answering questions from the audience.

This setup is particularly effective in classrooms and museums.

3D Laser Scanning

To create the immersive 360° and VR tours mentioned above, a scan of your environment needs to be done with specialised equipment. Whether that be an archaeological site, library, or museum.


The quality of the scans determines the quality of the 360° experience, and for this reason we use state-of-the art equipment — our Matterport laser scanner. We'll bring it on site and scan the entire environment. Depending on the size of your site, it normally takes us a few days to complete all ground laser scans.

Libraries, Museums and Archaeological Sites

The use cases for 3D laser scanning are vast. In the humanities, they particularly lend themselves well to offering 360° tours, whether online or in VR, of physical sites, and thereby allow anyone with an internet connection to take a virtual walk through your site.

Building something not listed here?

We love working on the cutting edge, and we’re a group of clever and resourceful individuals, so chances are that we’ll be able to help out with your project. And when we can’t help out, we’ll try our best to point you in the right direction. Feel free to reach out to us on and we’ll take it from there.