Our Projects

From digital humanities software engineering to community building and engagement, on the web and in virtual reality

Visit heritage sites virtually 🌍🏛️

Using industry-leading 3D scanning and virtual reality technologies, millions around the world visit cultural sites digitized by our team from their own homes.

The New Alexandria Project

Peer-reviewed, Open, and Accessible Philology for our generation

Create digital editions and commentaries of over 5,000 pre-medieval works in 15 languages. Our mission is to open the texts in the digital library for discovery and understanding, to exhibit ways to get into the complexities of their meanings, instead of shutting them down for outsiders and insiders alike.

The Giza Project

Digital archaeology in this reality into virtual and augmented spaces

The Giza Project gives you access to the largest collection of information, media, and research materials ever assembled about the Pyramids and related sites on Egypt’s Giza Plateau.


The archive, reimagined.

Orpheus is a platform for publishing heritage collections and 3D environments that enables users to search archives by using leading machine learning strategies. It acts both as a way of backing up and organising an archive into digital format, and then presenting it for the whole world to see.

Virtual Museum and Gallery Tours

View virtual museums around the world.

We partner with museums around the world to bring you virtual tours and connect tour items to online collections databases.

American Research Center in Egypt

Virtual heritage preservation and pubishing with digital archives.

Supporting research on all aspects of Egyptian history and culture. Fostering a broader knowledge of Egypt among the general public. Strengthening American-Egyptian cultural ties.

Harvard Museum of the Ancient Near East

A museum-wide AR experience animating art from the ancient near east.

Augmented reality has the unique ability to tell our histories in the Semitic Museum / Museum of Anicent Near East at Harvard University

Zhjejiang University Museum of Art and Archaeology

AR app brining Qi-dynasty tomb murals to life

The Art and Archaeology Museum of Zhejiang University was established by Zhejiang University and Professor Fang Wen, a famous Chinese art historian. The idea is that human beings create their civilization by means of behavior, language and art, and record their civilization by means of words and visual historical materials. Therefore, the cultivation of visual literacy should become the basic component of University education.

Digital Parthenon (IARPS)

Digital repatriation at one of the world’s humanist treasure sites.

Archimedes Digital created a concept for a new AR app. It allows visitors to the world-famous Acropolis to look back in the past, and see what the Parthenon’s marbles looked like thousands of years ago.

Harvard Yard Archaeology Project

In Yard digs, there’s an app for that.

We collaborated with Harvard’s Peabody Museum, the Harvard Library, and the History Department to create an AR app telling the history of the Harvard Yard, and the story behind excavated artefacts.


Uncovering the ancient Greek ruins in Morgantina, Sicily.

We collaborated with the Contrada Agnese Project to create an a augmented reality portal into the past.

Scratching the surface.

The projects listed here are a glimpse at some key projects that we’ve worked with, but our work extends beyond this into consulting, grant writing, design thinking, laser scanning. There’s a lot happening behind the scenes to bring these projects to life. Reach out to us on hello@archimedes.digital if you’d like to find out more about the kind of projects we’re involved with.